Hold marbles and win passively!
Our NFT partners will provide free NFT's
transferred to the winners of our races.

The Moons

  • 40 Harvest Moon Marbles

  • 30 Blue Moon Marbles

  • 20 Blood Moon Marbles

  • 10 Black Moon Marbles
In this Ethereum chain game 100 Moon Marbles test their reflexes endlessly rolling on unknown planets as unwanted visitors.
By holding a marble you will automatically be entered for future races.
If one of your marbles wins a prize, we send it to your wallet address holding the marble.
Moon Marbles will focus on hosting for other NFT projects to help them gain exposure while rewarding our marble holders in the process.
The Team

Elias Grey

Matt Cornell



Founder + Marketing

ERC-21 + Software Development

Lead Animation Artist

Community Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Moon Marbles?

A live stream racing platform harnessing the growth of other NFT projects and giving their NFT's to our holders.

Where can I buy a marble?


Will there be a presale?

Not this time! We silently released on Opensea and will grow organically rewarding the early birds big time.

What will the Moon Marble do?

Race for 1st place! If you win, you will receieve your winnings of sorts in your wallet address in which your marble resides.

What is the cost?

Marbles range in rarity of supply and utility with a price from .025-.09 ETH to start.